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          Deputy Mayor Chen Min Visited Guangdong Master Group for Investigation and Survey

            On July 3, the leaders of relevant departments of Yunfu City such as Executive Deputy Mayor Chen Min visited Guangdong Master Group for investigation and survey. The leaders of relevant departments of Xinxing County such as Magistrate Tang Yi, Executive Deputy Magistrate Liu Fenghan and Deputy Magistrate Chen Dadong accompanied Deputy Mayor Chen Min for investigation and survey.
            Chairman of the Board of Directors Liang Guiquan, Manager Chen Yongjin of Administration Center, Ou Jianhua of President Office and others of Master Group also accompanied Deputy Mayor Chen Min to mainly investigate the automatic production line(s), use of robots and manipulators in the engineering of substituting machines for manpower and construction of self-owned brands of Master Group.
            Deputy Mayor Chen Min said that this was his first industrial investigation and survey after assuming office. He will be responsible for transformation and upgrading of the emerging stainless steel industry in the future. Therefore, he hoped to learn about problems and difficulties of enterprises through this investigation and survey and then integrate the Government’s power to solve these problems and difficulties as soon as possible.

            Chairman of the Board of Directors Liang Guiquan reported the existing development and future development direction of Master Group in a concise and comprehensive manner: Master Group has been currently planning for constructing 20 automatic production lines in order to realize automatic production. He gave his own opinions on how to effectively improve the value and competitiveness of a traditional manufacturing enterprise and hoped that the Government could give strong support to Master Group.
            Deputy Mayor Chen Min affirmed the performance of Master Group through scientific and technical innovation, “industrialization and information integration” for transformation and upgrading, praised Master Group for making due effort and contributions to development of hometown. In addition, he pointed out that we should have strong awareness of unexpected development: Firstly, the “survivor” took it all, in other words, the “survivor” in the economic crisis was the winner; Secondly, it was necessary to strengthen the confidence of development, unswervingly support the industrial development, do well in the stainless steel industry. He also encouraged Master Group to look for opportunities in “crisis” and thus be “Born of Fire” like “Phoenix Nirvana”!

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